This Week In Black Fashion

This week in fashion has been one to celebrate as there is more good news to end the year. Fashion week is looming in the New Year, so the CFDA announcing something very good about their team is something to look forward to as you read on. There’s something to learn from everyone who’s been in this industry for at least ten years, regardless of what pocket, so read carefully if you’re here to learn something! Each week is full of surprises, collaborations, and, many times, shocking mishaps and scandals but for the most part, this week was one of the calm and fortunate events. Read on to get the scoop.

Aurora James & Prabal Rana Gurung Elected CFDA Vice Chairs 

Two designers that have made such incredible names for themselves, Aurora James, founder of the 15% Pledge, and Brother Vellies, and Prabal Rana Gurung, designer of his eponymous brand, are appointed as vice chairs for the CFDA.

Pharrell Williams X MINI USA

Musician Pharrell Williams is teaming up with Mini USA to save the polar bears. In this capsule collection of exclusive BBC merch, one hundred percent of proceeds go to Polar Bears International.

This Week In Black Fashion

Naomi Campbell’s New MasterClass

Model and icon Naomi Campbell is now a MasterClass teacher. She’s giving you all the ins and outs of the modeling world. Even though the industry has changed greatly, someone with this kind of longevity is important to learn from.

Rhuigi Villaseñor X PUMA

Puma taps designer Rhugi Villaseñor to design a capsule collection featuring both his and Puma’s design brand motifs. Inspired by New York City, the collection is an accumulation of all five boroughs and how they are interpreted in the clothing.

Telfar X Eastpak

Eastpak and Telfar join forces for the third time to bring us a functional version of the Shopping bag in an electric blue in all original small, medium, and large sizes.

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