Wealth, Wash, Repeat | How SheaMoisture is Making an Impact in The Black Community 


Most people may know SheaMoisture for being a staple in the Black hair community when it comes to hair care, but what most may not know is the brand has been making an even greater global impact, far beyond curls and braids. 

For over 30 years SheaMoisture has made it their mission to reinvest their profits back into the Black community as they aim to close the racial wealth gap across the globe. This simply means for decades every product purchased from consumers has indirectly benefited the community with their strategic plan to pay it forward as they expand. 

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To date SheaMoisture has reinvested over $10 million in the community through a number of purpose-driven programs, global donations & entrepreneurial educational ventures and continues to lead the charge in leaving lasting impact.  

To learn more on the SheaMoisture Impact Report head over to www.SheaMoisture.com and share it with friends to see how your next SheaMoisture purchase can benefit the culture. 

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