7 Absolute Reasons to Add Neem in Your Hair Care Routine

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Neem is a time-tested herb in the history of humankind. The unique composition of naturally occurring compounds in neem makes it a distinct antibacterial, antiparasitic, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory herb. Due to its magical ingredients, neem is used to heal various diseases.

It works wonders for both naturopathy and ayurvedic medicines for skin, hair, and other detox purposes. Practically all neem tree parts provide benefits from treating diabetes, cleansing the blood, skin diseases, scalp conditions, hair growth, and many more. In this post, we’ll cover the benefits of neem powder for hair, along with some DIY hair recipes.

Origin of Neem

The botanical name is Azadirachta indica. Although the genesis of the neem tree is uncertain it is believed that the subcontinent is its birthplace. Tropical and semi-tropical regions are suitable places for neem planting.

Benefits of using Neem in Hair Care Regimen

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Although the neem tree carries countless miracles for a healthy lifestyle. Some common uses of neem are:

  • Neem is used as a traditional remedy for treating lice, dandruff, and healthy scalp by adding it in shampoos.
  • Many herbal skincare products like soaps and creams contain a certain percentage of neem.
  • Neem is a time-tested remedy to control diabetes.
  • A lot of toothpaste brands are neem-based to evade plaque, cavities and improve overall oral health.
  • Some of the insect repellent products in the market contain oil of neem seed.

However, in this blog, we will only concentrate on the benefits it holds for the hair and the scalp.

Benefits of Neem Powder for Hair

Herein is a list of the most effective home remedies you can test with complete repose.

1. Fights against dandruff

Dandruff is a common condition that causes flakes on the scalp and at times becomes the reason for embarrassment in a social setting. Neem powder can be used to boost hair strength and prevent hair fall.

It may promote hair growth by supporting hair follicles. Neem powder delivers the most manageable remedy to control dandruff and sustain scalp health. A paste of neem powder and water may help fight against dandruff

2. May assist in lice wipe out

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Head lice are contagious parasites as they need a host to live on. Their food is human blood in tiny amounts. Once lice are transmitted to your head it isn’t an easy task to wipe them out completely. Neem is well known for its anti-parasite ingredients and can be helpful to control lice in your hair.

It contains a component called azadirachtin which works as a natural insect pesticide. It can aid in destroying the life cycle of lice and can assist to control further breeding of lice in your hair.

3. May help fight off baldness and hair loss

Everyone dreams of lustrous and thick hair. Although hair loss is not termed as a disease, still it is a major concern for all of us. Receding hairlines induces worry and depression in personality snatching away the lit and glam. The reason for hair fall can vary from hormonal imbalance, thyroid, zinc, and biotin deficiency to stress and chronic illness.

Research proved that an unhealthy scalp is one of the major reasons for hair loss and balding. Neem leaves are rich in fatty acids, are incredibly beneficial in supporting a healthy scalp.

Neem powder works miraculously for those who suffer from severe hair loss, balding, and thinning of the hairline. It aids in cleansing the scalp and enhancing hair growth by cleaning the clogged pores on the scalp.

4. Soothes itchy scalp

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Neem is a natural moisturizer for the scalp. Moisturised scalp adds a soothing feel to your head.

5. Supports strong hair

Neem possesses naturally conditioning properties that support healthy and strong hair from root to ends. It penetrates the hair follicles and provides nourishment in terms of deep conditioning.

6. Helps in Preventing premature hair greying

Premature hair greying is a common phenomenon all around the world. Although grey hair isn’t a stigma yet some want to avoid grey hair or wish to cover the grey hair according to their personal preference.

The presence of antioxidants in neem leaves can be a helpful remedy to control the premature greying of the hair. Add neem powder with your natural hair dye henna, prepare a paste and apply to your hair.

7. Hydrates dry ends and slipt ends

One of the reasons why people cut their hair short is the problem of dry ends that eventually leads to split ends. The presence of fatty acids and minerals in Neem leaves hydrates the dry ends of hair also moisturizes the scalp. Trim your split ends and apply a neem powder hair pack once a week and grow your hair long.

How to incorporate neem powder in the hair care regime?

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There are numerous ways to add neem in hair care routines. You may use it in combination with other herbs to make a hair mask according to your hair condition.

You may mix it with amla powder, fenugreek powder, or henna powder to make a power pack for your hair. Such hair packs if used continuously support the healthy growth of hair and maintain a healthy scalp eventually sans any damage to your hair.

Beneficial neem hair mask remedies

Scientific studies have shown that Neem leaves are a great source of vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids, when applied to hair, yield many benefits.

To control dandruff

Neem is a powerful antibacterial and can help to ward off dandruff and itchy scalp issues. Dandruff with an itchy scalp is a complicated situation that strips off the confidence of your personality. Those white flakes falling on your shoulder or repeatedly scratching your scalp are embarrassing for some. To control scalp itchiness and dryness, we recommend you introduce neem leaf packs at least twice a month.

Take 4 tablespoons of neem and make a mixture with water in a bowl. Keep the consistency of the mixture a little runny and add 1 teaspoonful of oil that suits your hair. The addition of oil will condition the scalp at the same time. Use this pack on the scalp and let it sit there for 20-30 minutes. Wash the hair after it. Try this once a week to control dandruff.

Premature hair greying

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Neem powder is famous to control premature hair greying. Prepare a hair pack of neem powder and yogurt. Apply this protein-packed mixture to your hair. Wash it off after 20 minutes.

Neem for hair growth

As mentioned earlier, neem is potent for hair growth. It stimulates the dormant hair follicles and induces hair growth. Prepare a pack of coconut oil with neem and massage it into your hair roots and scalp with the help of mild strokes of fingertips. Do not rub harshly as it will damage hair follicles.

Where to find organic pure neem powder?

If you want to buy pure neem powder, click on the house of organic skincare and hair care products TheHennaGuys.

Also, follow the instructions carefully as mentioned on the package. Improper use of the proper product can also lead to harmful results. If you like our natural hair care and skincare products, browse through our blogs to acquire more knowledge about them.

Use organic and stay healthy!

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