How To Cope With Stress Over Roe News, Abortion Rights

There are other tools you can use to help you through your grief as well. In the days leading up to the decision, for example, Rosann Mariappuram — the executive director of Jane’s Due Process, who spends much of her time thinking about abortion access — had a member of her staff send out something called The Artist’s Grief Deck, which involves pulling virtual cards that help you tap into how you’re feeling. She’s tried to set aside time to engage with the deck, even though things have been especially chaotic in her world of reproductive advocacy world. In the days before the decision, she told me: “I pulled the chalice, or a cup that represented that sometimes you feel too full of the feelings and the only way to deal with it is to pour it out and express your grief,” she says. “It was a reminder that, ‘Oh yeah! It’s good to do that.” 

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