How to Match Your Bouquet to Your Wedding Dress


Planning a wedding can be a very difficult process. Ironing out all of the details regarding where the wedding will take place, who will be invited and which décor to use will take time. One of the main things most brides are concerned with is choosing a wedding dress and bouquet that are breathtakingly beautiful.

As the summer wedding season kicks into high gear, brides will go out in search of summer bouquet options like the ones from Bouqs. When looking for your ideal wedding bouquet, you have to consider a variety of factors. Perhaps the most important factor you need to consider is your wedding dress.

Making sure your wedding bouquet and your wedding dress are perfectly matched is crucial. Are you trying to figure out how to match your bouquet to your wedding dress? If so, check out these great tips below.

Familiarize Yourself With the Exact Color of the Dress


Few things are more enjoyable and memorable as shopping for your wedding dress. Most brides are surprised to learn just how many different wedding dress options there are on the modern market. These dresses come in a variety of colors, which can make choosing the right bouquet a bit difficult.

If you have chosen a white wedding dress, then you need to find out exactly what shade of white it is. Choosing light-colored flowers to match a white dress can be problematic. In some cases, the light-colored flowers can look washed out against the backdrop of an extremely white dress.

When trying to find the best bouquet to match your dress, you need to work with an experienced florist. Before you go to meet with the florist, gather a color sample that matches your dress exactly. With this color sample, you can easily choose flowers that match and compliment the dress.

The Shape and Size of Your Bouquet Matters

If you want your wedding dress and bouquet to compliment each other, you need to think about natural proportions. You need to realize that bridal bouquets come in a variety of shapes and sizes. When trying to choose the right bridal bouquet, you need to opt for a size that matches your build.

Ideally, you want to choose a bridal bouquet that is designed to highlight both your natural features and the details of your dress. If you’ve chosen a dress that has a narrow waist, you want a bouquet that is also small and narrow. Choosing a bouquet that is too big to match your dress can take away from the appeal of your dress.

However, if your dress is flowing and loose, then choosing a bouquet that can match this look is imperative. Achieving a beautiful bridal look for your wedding will require every element you are wearing and carrying to match. By considering every element of your bridal bouquet design, you can rest assured that your flowers perfectly match your dress.

Consider The Overall Theme of Your Wedding


The average couple is willing to spend big money on décor for their wedding. Regardless of the venue you choose for your wedding, you will need to come up with a design for your wedding décor. Whether you are going with traditional wedding décor options or you’ve added a modern flair to your décor, making sure every element in your wedding matches should be a top concern. As you start to consider all of your bridal bouquet options, you need to keep the theme of your wedding in mind.

Once you choose a color palette for your wedding, you need to use this palette to narrow down the selection of flowers at your disposal. With this color palette in hand, you can make decisions regarding which bridal and bridesmaids bouquets best work for your wedding.

Instead of trying to make this decision on your own, you need to realize the importance of hiring an experienced florist. Once you present your color palette to your florist, they will help you narrow down the vast array of flower options on the market.

Select Flowers That Are In Season

If you are having problems narrowing down the type of flowers you want to use in your bridal bouquet, then ask your florist about what is in season. Trying to use flowers that are out of season in your bridal bouquet can affect the overall appeal it has. Ideally, you want to choose flowers that are vibrant and fresh. Once you know more about what flowers are in season in your area, you can simplify the process of designing your bridal bouquet.

Incorporate Personal Elements Into Your Bridal Bouquet Design


One of the best parts about having a wedding is displaying family heirlooms that are important to you and your future husband/wife. If you have a number of family heirlooms you want to incorporate into your wedding design, then include them in your bridal bouquet.

For instance, if you have a pair of matching brooches that you want to wear on your big day, pinning one on your dress and one on your bridal bouquet is a good idea. Many brides add jewelry, buttons and pieces of fabric that have sentimental value to their bridal bouquets. Not only will adding these items make your bouquet more appealing, it will also give it more meaning to you and your family.

Work On Keeping Your Bridal Bouquet Fresh

After you find a bridal bouquet that matches your wedding dress, you need to make sure they stay looking fresh and appealing all day. When using fresh flowers, you need to make sure a vase of water is around. By dipping the stems of your bouquet in this water, you can leave them looking refreshed and appealing. This is important when trying to keep your flowers vibrant throughout your wedding ceremony and in the pictures taken afterward.

It’s Time To Choose Your Perfect Bridal Bouquet

Now that you know more about how to match your wedding dress to your bridal bouquet, it is time to get to work. By using these tips, you should have no problem selecting the best bridal bouquet for your big day.

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