Kosas Plump + Juicy Lip Booster Review 2022

The latest launch from the beloved clean beauty brand is touted as a treatment product, but to call it just that seems like a disservice; with ingredients like concentrated fatty acids, hyaluronic acid, and peptides, it both looks and does good. Instead of enflaming your lips, these ingredients attract water to hydrate your lips and create a barrier to lock in the moisture. (In fact, HA alone can bind up to 1,000 times its weight in water!) My lips are chronically dry and naturally on the thin side. After one swipe, any remnant of flaky, chapped lips was replaced by juicy moisture. And sure enough, I swear my pout did kind of look plumper? A dramatically filled appearance isn’t my vibe, but I did love how my lips naturally looked fuller. Best of all, there wasn’t a noticeable scent and the texture was cushiony soft (almost like a lip oil but slightly thicker) and not sticky at all. During the day, I layered it over a matte nude lipstick; before bed, I wore it on bare lips as an overnight treatment. (The brand also encourages you to pair it with their Hotliner Lip Liner pencil, if you’re so inclined.) When I woke up, I swear my lips felt softer — but maybe I’m dreaming?

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