Season 5 of The Chi is Here!

That’s right, the Chicago-based drama is back for season 5 on Showtime—
and we’ve got everything you need to know for this new season.
If you haven’t seen the new trailer, click here to watch it now! It centers on
new obstacles the characters will face as they find love, friendship, and
community on the South Side.

(L-R): Alex Hibbert as Kevin, Michael V. Epps as Jake and Shamon Brown Jr. as Papa in THE CHI, “Overnight Celebrity”. Photo Credit: Elizabeth Sisson/SHOWTIME.

Season 4 left us wanting more and we’re definitely following some plots that
ground this season—the first one is all about Kiesha (Birgundi Baker). She is
starting a new chapter now balancing motherhood, school, friends, and
romance. We find Kevin (Alex R. Hibbert) turning a new leaf while finding
love again, Jake (Michael Epps) is returning to public school and focusing
on his relationship with Jemma, and Papa (Shamon Brown Jr.) is feeling
more like an outsider without Maisha by his side.

Recovering from cancer, Jada (Yolonda Ross) is finding herself again and
feels empowered to receive the love she knows she deserves. Emmett (Jacob
Latimore) and Tiff (Hannaha Hall) forge a new path while Tiff pursues a new flame.

Birgundi Baker as Kiesha in THE CHI, “Overnight Celebrity”. Photo Credit: Elizabeth Sisson/SHOWTIME.

The alluring Trig (Luke James) is committed to changing the neighborhood
that raised him as he considers a political run.

(L-R): Luke James as Victor, Michael V. Epps as Jake and Jason Weaver as Shaad in THE CHI, “Overnight Celebrity”. Photo Credit: Elizabeth Sisson/SHOWTIME.

We can’t wait to see how The Chi tackles the themes that show up in so
many of our lives. Entering motherhood, dealing with the curveballs life
throws at you, and finding yourself again after major changes are things we
can all relate to.

Watch the season premiere of The Chi, only on SHOWTIME.

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