Supervsn And Pacsun Team Up For An Impactful Partnership

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Supervsn’s latest partnership with Pacsun is built to make a lasting impact. The two-year partnership is not only committed to releasing four collections a year, but proceeds from each garment sold will also support The Studio Foundation, a non-profit created to provide students and underserved communities with educational tools, the chance to work with industry leaders, and an empowering support system. Together, Supervsn and Pacsun present their newest brainchild, STUDIO.

Gavin Mathieu, Creative Director and founder of Supervsn, is utilizing the new partnership to serve the community of young and emerging creatives that support and are inspired by himself and the Supervsn collective. “I’m a self-taught graphic designer, I didn’t graduate college or go to business school and had no real industry work experience, so I was forced to self-educate and learn the game by playing it,” Mathieu tells ESSENCE. “That was an uphill battle for me, but I knew I had something to say and a different perspective that the world needed to see. I knew that I deserved to be creating at the highest level with the best of them, and I know other kids like me need to hear their creative voices and understand their perspectives matter.”

Supervsn And Pacsun Team Up For An Impactful Partnership

Mathieu says, “From the moment I shared my vision with Pacsun, they understood the importance of social equity for underserved communities and how we can partner up to utilize their platform to make an impact.” STUDIO, powered by Supervsn and Pacsun, will introduce products that are made by creatives for creatives. The first capsule consists of staple garments that can be worn in the studio, to an art show, or a dinner party – intended to provide creatives with a versatile uniform for their lifestyle.

In addition to the quarterly collection releases, STUDIO will also fuel a philanthropic mission that is dear to Mathieu’s heart. “What Nike is for athletes, I created ‘STUDIO’ for creatives,” he explains. “Our vision is to create an ever-evolving ecosystem of creatives that come back and give back. Our goal is to provide them with the tools to become industry leaders, allowing them to reach back and mentor the next group.”

Supervsn And Pacsun Team Up For An Impactful Partnership

Through The Studio Foundation’s partnership with Our Own, an LA-based nonprofit, to source local students and graduates from their mentorship programs, STUDIO will fund and place students in a 3-month paid internship. Industry leaders that will support the initiative include Sean Wotherspoon, founder of Round Two, and Mustard, a renowned producer and co-founder of 10 Summers – additional industry partners who are committed to being an active resource will be announced in the coming weeks.

“Honestly, the most rewarding part is that I can provide for my family off of the vision,” says Mathieu. “I get to work with my friends and family, empower my community, and share opportunities and experiences with them. An African proverb says, ‘If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together.’ And I’m trying to go far! I’m playing the long game for all of us.”

Supervsn And Pacsun Team Up For An Impactful Partnership

The first STUDIO capsule collection, a Supervsn x Pacsun collaboration, is available for purchase now online at and in Pacsun stores nationwide. 


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