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The recent case of Amber Heard vs. Johnny Depp has gained the interest of millions of people around the world. The former spouses have battled each other in court, and it certainly has been trending on social media for more than six weeks.

The people were not only interested in the statements of the two actors but also in what they wore. We cannot deny that the two former spouses dress to suggest honesty, respectability, and sincerity — their clothes make the argument.  But most notably, people have noticed Amber Heard more than Johnny Depp.

The defamation trial of Depp and Heard that happened in Fairfax, Virginia, started last April 11, 2022, and the jury reached its verdict last June 2, 2022. It has been a hot topic worldwide and on news outlets and social media.

The Aquaman star has been gaining prominence with her attire in court. During the earlier days of the trial, Heard was seen almost copying the outfit of her ex-husband. This copying did not go unnoticed as the captivated audience has analyzed every tiny detail of Heard’s ensemble and why she was doing it, causing thousands of speculations and theories throughout social media.


From her expression down to her hairstyles, no stones have been left unturned by the fans. These  Hollywood stars are used to dressing to impress their audience, but they dress to indicate seriousness on the matter during their court hearing. Fans of Johnny Depp are so used to watching the actor wear casual and rock and roll outfits; even guesting on talk shows, Depp would wear  Gothic-type tuxedos and accessories, a role he plays in most movies he has with director Tim  Burton.

But during the trial, fans were mesmerized by how the actor looked during the hearing.  Though the actor has long hair and tattoos on his hands that the suit can’t cover, he looks pretty professional by tying his hair back and wearing a designer tuxedo, so different from his usual fashion. Flaunting designer outfits in the courtroom is not new, especially for high-profile cases that receive global attention.

For celebrities facing trials, this is their way to indirectly make a  statement while representing in a court of law, and the answers are in the details of their makeup,  hairstyles, etc. Even their lawyers representing them did not escape the scrutiny of the fans by reading and analyzing their professional attire, most specifically, Camille Vasquez.


The lawyer Depp has gained admirers for how she fought her client and how she dressed during the proceedings. Her outfits every time she speaks to the jury, she wears a white dress, and fans have been speculating the reason for her outfit choice: to reflect innocence, and then she’s on the right side of the law. The power of wearing an appropriate outfit on every occasion truly speaks volumes.

Because of this trial’s attention, thousands of business outlets have profited from it. As fans of  Depp flocked to the Courthouse, businesses like T-shirt printing have used this trial to create statement t-shirts to show their support for either Depp or Heard. On social media, fans can be seen giving gifts to show their support, especially for Depp, who gained many supporters because of the success of his movies like Pirates of the Caribbean. Some fans even dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow to show who they support among the ex-spouses. To sum it up, fans have used fashion to demonstrate their support.


A specific cosmetic brand also benefited from this trial. After Heard’s lawyer presented to the jury a particular cosmetic brand for their color correcting concealer that Heard allegedly used during her relationship with Depp, they used the social media Tiktok to refute the claims. After this, they have enjoyed a positive PR, thereby automatically receiving worldwide support and recording new sales.

Hollywood stars have been the living Gods for most fans, and we cannot deny their impact,  especially in the world of fashion. Fans worship the place they walk, and it significantly influences their lives. Whether on their casual outfits or the red carpet, fans would almost always copy their fashion statement, from their new hairstyles down to their shoes.


Because of this, most artists would use their stardom and leverage by creating their Fashion brands or shops that sell their used clothes for the fans to purchase. Take the Kardashians, for example; they have a website to post their used clothing for their fans to buy. Avril Lavigne has had her clothing line since 2008, which screams her Punk persona that fans can copy by buying her clothing line, Abbey Dawn.

But celebrities are not the only ones who benefit from the support of their fans, as most business outlets use their adoration by selling merchandise that depicts their favorite artists. Plenty of  YouTubers have also used the weakness of fans by creating videos with their idols in them, like video reactions on testing the makeup brand, trying out their favorite food, etc. They use famous artists for clout and views. One example of a YouTuber who has gained prominence in social media is a Filipino artist named Noel Cruz. Cruz recreates dolls of famous people and makes them more realistic compared to their original version. First, he would erase the doll’s original face paint,  and then he started the process of lining their features and painting them on. Millions of people have viewed the results, making the dolls more realistic than their original look.


One of the most viewed videos of Cruz was when he retouched the doll of the late Diana, Princess of Wales. Cruz has recreated plenty of custom dolls and has gained prominence and followers on social media,  and he has used this to start his business by accepting commissions on his creation. But because this is a custom, hand-made dolls, they are expensive and will take months before you can get your order.

But not to worry, because of the advancement of technology and the internet, having your own custom doll of your favorite artist or person is not as difficult as you may think. According to, personalized bobblehead dolls are not expensive and still look realistic.  You can have your custom bobblehead wear high fashion dresses or tuxedos, matching elegant accessories to complement their look. You do not have to hire an artist to create a custom doll and spend hundreds of dollars to show your support and love to your favorite person.

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