Top 7 Crystals To Boost Women Empowerment 


Crystals and gems have been used throughout the stages of history for either religious, personal, or spiritual purposes.

To those who practice new age medicine and spirituality, crystals hold an energetic power that can help with physical ailments and personal struggles such as anxiety and self-confidence. Although there’s no scientific backing for these beliefs, many continue to swear that the energy in these crystals can help with most avenues of life.

A few crystals are believed to amplify female energy and encourage women to feel confident and empowered in their bodies and day-to-day life. If you’re a woman who wants access to this divine feminine energy, or you’re just looking for that perfect gift, consider these beautiful crystals.

1. Encourage Healing With Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is also known as the universal crystal because it can amplify the energetic power of other crystals. It’s often used for healing and encourages women to connect with their higher selves. You can find clear quartz and other healing crystals on sites like

Clear quartz can be used to align your soul, mind, and body and strengthen the connection between your intention and action. It’s also a wonderful crystal to use if you have memory problems, and it can boost your focus to tackle any issues thrown at you easily.

Some new-age healing spas love to incorporate clear quartz during their sessions because of its strong healing properties. Keep one on you or surround it with other crystals to amplify their inherent energy.

2. Get Clear Intentions With Amethyst


Amethyst is known as a crystal that can encourage clear thinking and intent. It can help you clear your mind, focus on your tasks, and helps increase your creativity and critical thinking. You can solve problems calmly and think of the best solutions. It’s also a great crystal for women who suffer from stress.

You’ll be able to focus less on your problems and instead find creative ways to tackle them with the help of amethyst. It’s also a good motivator for women who suffer from addictions and have difficulty quitting their vices.

Keeping an amethyst crystal on your person or near you can remind you of your set intentions of the day and help you stick to them. Plus, it’s a great gift for ambitious women who face problems they have to tackle.

3. Recharge Your Intuition With Labradorite

The labradorite crystal shares some characteristics with the amethyst crystal. Like the amethyst crystal, labradorite can help you make clear decisions regarding problem-solving. It can also help strengthen your intuition and feminine energy and aid in fertility. If you feel disconnected from your divine female energy, this crystal can help reconnect that bond.

Labradorite is also a great stone for feeling grounded, which is great for women who may feel that they’re out of their depth, whether it’s competing in a sport that has previously been male-dominated like gaming tournaments or breaking the glass ceiling in their respective jobs. You’ll be able to anchor yourself and find ways to move forward despite the odds.

4. Spark Your Passion With Carnelian


If you lack passion, you definitely need the carnelian crystal. The carnelian crystal is known to house energy that can spark passion and energize a person’s natural life force. It’s a great stone for women who lack motivation and can move them to make bold decisions in all avenues of their life.

If you’re gunning for that big promotion, keep some carnelian by your side – it’s known as the crystal that can attract prosperity and success.

Carnelian is a great crystal too; it can aid in helping slow down any feelings of jealousy or anger so that you keep your cool no matter what the world throws at you.

5. Bring In The Love With Rose Quartz

Rose quartz crystal is perfect for women who love to love. Love encompasses more than just romantic love; it can also cover other forms, such as self-love, familial love, and love for your community. It’s also a great crystal for women who still have unresolved trauma in their lives that prevent them from moving forward.

It’s believed that rose quartz promotes positive thinking so that you always see the silver lining in the dark clouds of life. The crystal can also promote feelings of peace, especially if you have to have difficult conversations with other people. With this special crystal by your side, you’ll be able to face every issue in your life with rigor, compassion, and patience.

6. Protect Yourself From Negative Energy With Chrysocolla


If you want to defend yourself against negative energy to focus on your goals and intentions, then keeping a chrysocolla crystal near you will greatly benefit your planning. The crystal is known to have a protective energy and can aid those who lack courage and strength.

Chrysocolla crystal can also help you communicate effectively so that all your needs are heard. No one will be able to stifle your voice, especially if you’re in a work environment that’s predominantly male.

Additionally, if you’re going through any major changes in your life, whether it be a new job, marriage, promotion, or a baby on the way, this crystal will help make sure that your thoughts remain positive, no matter how daunting the task may seem.

7. Connect With Your Devine Self With Amazonite

Connect with your inner Amazon warrior with the amazonite crystal. This crystal gives you the courage to be genuine and speak freely about who you are and what you want. It helps you find harmony and balance in relating to others without sacrificing your authentic voice as well. You’ll be more understanding of others in their actions but still be grounded enough to set boundaries for those who may take you for granted.

Like the carnelian crystal, amazonite can curb negative emotions such as jealousy, anxiety, and fear. You’ll be able to overcome these negative emotions peacefully and navigate all avenues of your life with understanding and inner peace.



By keeping the crystals featured above near you or on your person, you’ll be able to tap into your divine female energy and conquer the different avenues of your life.

With the help of crystals’ energy, you’ll be able to present yourself to the world in an authentic way that still considers others. In addition, you can amplify your voice, especially if you’re in a space that tries to stifle it and stand true to the woman you are and meet your higher self.

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